Mathematica Bohemica, online first, 12 pp.

Centered weighted composition operators via measure theory

Mohammad Reza Jabbarzadeh, Mehri Jafari Bakhshkandi

Received September 9, 2016.   First published May 31, 2017.

Mohammad Reza Jabbarzadeh, Mehri Jafari Bakhshkandi, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tabriz, P. O. Box: 5166615648, Tabriz, Iran, e-mail:,

Abstract: We describe the centered weighted composition operators on $L^2(\Sigma)$ in terms of their defining symbols. Our characterizations extend Embry-Wardrop-Lambert's theorem on centered composition operators.

Keywords: Aluthge transform; Moore-Penrose inverse; weighted composition operator; conditional expectation; centered operator

Classification (MSC 2010): 47B20, 47B38

DOI: 10.21136/MB.2017.0080-16

Full text available as PDF.

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