MATHEMATICA BOHEMICA, Vol. 137, No. 3, pp. 293-310, 2012

Almost periodic solutions with a prescribed spectrum of linear and quasilinear differential equations with almost periodic coefficients and constant time lag (Neutral differential equations)

Alexandr Fischer

Alexandr Fischer, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Karlovo nám. 13, 121 35 Praha 2, Czech Republic

Abstract: The paper is the extension of the author's previous papers and solves more complicated problems. Almost periodic solutions of a certain type of almost periodic linear or quasilinear systems of neutral differential equations are dealt with.

Keywords: almost periodic function, Fourier coefficient, Fourier exponent, spectrum of almost periodic function, almost periodic system of differential equations, formal almost periodic solution, almost periodic solution, distance of two spectra, time lag, neutral differential equation

Classification (MSC 2010): 34C27, 34K40, 42A75

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