Vol. 140, No. 4, 2015 · Contents

Octavia Bolojan, Gennaro Infante, Radu Precup:
Existence results for systems with nonlinear coupled nonlocal initial conditions

Carlos Escudero, Filippo Gazzola, Robert Hakl, Ireneo Peral, Pedro Jose Torres:
Existence results for a fourth order partial differential equation arising in condensed matter physics

Nataliya Protsakh:
Inverse problem for semilinear ultraparabolic equation of higher order

Tongxing Li, Yuriy V. Rogovchenko, Chenghui Zhang:
Oscillation of fourth-order quasilinear differential equations

Andrzej Myśliński, Konrad Koniarski:
Hybrid level set phase field method for topology optimization of contact problems

Barbora Volná:
Chaotic behaviour of continuous dynamical system generated by Euler equation branching and its application in macroeconomic equilibrium model

Piotr Kokocki:
Invariant sets and connecting orbits for nonlinear evolution equations at resonance

Herbert Koch, Tobias Lamm:
Parabolic equations with rough data

Irina Astashova:
On asymptotic behavior of solutions to Emden-Fowler type higher-order differential equations

Daniel Marahrens, Felix Otto:
On annealed elliptic Green's function estimates

Sara Monsurrò, Maria Transirico:
On some $L^p$-estimates for solutions of elliptic equations in unbounded domains

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